16th National Symposium in
Marine Science

July 22-24, 2021 | Online Conference

“Linking Marine Science and governance in addressing global challenges.”

Romell A. Seronay, Ph D
President, PAMS 16

The 2019-2021 Officers of the Philippine Association of Marine Science Officers are excited to invite you to the 16th National Symposium in Marine Science to be held virtually at the Caraga State University, Butuan City, on July 22-24, 2021 with the theme “Linking marine science and governance in addressing global challenges.” As PAMS continues to endeavor the promotion growth of marine science in the country, the PAMS16 will focus on highlighting the connection between marine science and good governance, and scrutinize the ways by which we can address growing global issues such as pollution, biodiversity loss, overfishing and the effects of climate change. Aligned with the theme, sessions will focus on topics related to marine science, governance and global challenges.

To be part of this journey towards attaining the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 14, we invite you to be an active member of PAMS. The association aims to provide a venue for workers and enthusiasts in marine science and allied areas to link and network with local and international institutions and continue discussing solutions to the pressing global issues in marine science. Importantly, these problems we created can be solved by applying decisive transdisciplinary and coordinated actions to benefit our coastal communities.

Join us virtually on July 22-24, 2021 in Caraga and be part of the 16th National Symposium in Marine Science! Your participation as stakeholders for the agenda of linking marine science and governance in addressing global challenges is most welcome. Very truly yours,

Romell A. Seronay, Ph D President, PAMS 16 (May 2021)



Dr. Laura David

UP Marine Science Institute

Dr. Daniel Pauly

Sea Around Us
Principal Investigator

Dr. Jay Batongbacal

UP Institute of Maritime
Affairs and Laws of the Sea

The 16th National Symposium on Marine Science, PAMS16 seeks to link marine science and governance in addressing global challenges. Addressing issues in marine science  will make our seas healthy, and healthy seas will provide benefits such as livelihood, food, genetic resources, and cultural and aesthetic values. To sustain benefits entails coexistence with the community and the sea – understanding the sea is infinite and there is a need for good science to link management on all levels of governance.


In addressing global challenges, connectivity between marine science and the different levels of governance plays a vital role.

The lower part of the logo shows the marine environment, revealing that though we gained a lot of benefits, our healthy sea in the future will no longer be healthy and is in great jeopardy while the upper part shows the half of the globe symbolizing the community and its role in creating sound governance to sustain the needs of mankind and the need of proper management for protection and conservation of our marine resources.

Lastly, the logo is encircled with the PAMS acronym telling that through this association, people at various sectors able to meet and join together as presented by a handshake in the center which also symbolizes the connectedness of both halves and emphasizing the linkage in working together with harmony to achieve the goals in addressing the various issues present at hand.

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