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JULY 22, 2021

8:15  Doxology

         National Anthem

8:30  Opening Remarks and

         Introduction of Participants

Romell A. Seronay, Ph.D.

PAMS16, President

         Declaration of Conference Open

Romell A. Seronay, Ph.D.

PAMS16, President

         Welcome Messages

Anthony Penaso, Ph.D.

University President, 

Caraga State University  

Hon. Ronnie Vicente Lagnada
City Mayor, Butuan

Hon. Dale B. Corvera 
Governor, Province of ADN

Hon. Laurence H. Fortun


Agusan del Norte, 1st District

        Orientation / House Rules

        Introduction of Keynote Speaker

Nathaniel Añasco, Ph.D.
PAMS16, VP for Visayas

9:10  Keynote Address

         Fish must breathe

Daniel Pauly, Ph.D.
University of Bristish Columbia
Plenary Speaker

9:50  Open Forum

Nathaniel Añasco, Ph.D.
PAMS 16 VP for Visayas

10:10  Virtual Group Photo

Ms. Rovelyn Gallego 

10:15  Start of Concurrent Session


Schedule of paper presentations for Day 1 are shown below. Each paper has been assigned presentation codes. Look for your paper’s presentation code by checking first in the searchable list of papers below. When you already have your presentantation code, check the schedule of your paper under different days.

Parallel Sessions (10:15-11:30)Marine Resources/ Biodiversity Session 1Marine Resources/ Biodiversity Session 2Marine Resources/ Biodiversity Session 3Subsistence and Small-Scale Fisheries Session 1Governance and Policies Session 1Climate Change and Resiliency SessionStudent Oral (Competing Papers) Session 1Student Oral (Competing Papers) Session 2
Session ChairJayvee SacoAnnabelle Glenda Campos Maria Celia MalayAsuncion De GuzmanDiovanie De JesusAletta YñiguezFarisal BagsitPaul John Geraldino
Technical SupportJhundee Mark G. MolinaJesiel Cris PaylangcoRexie MagdugoChennie L. SolaniaJashin J. RosalClark GonzalesJeremie MoraledaRichie Lador
DocumenterThrecita May L. NellasExur M. Buenaflor/ Eve GamalindaMeycel AmarilleFelmer LatayadaLeonard EstanoMarlon V. ElviraLaurence CalaguiJenerose A. Vista
11:30-11:45Health Break
Parallel Sessions (11:45-13:00)Marine Resources/ Biodiversity Session 4Marine Resources/ Biodiversity Session 5Marine Resources/ Biodiversity Session 6Subsistence and Small-Scale Fisheries Session 2Governance and Policies Session 2Marine Pollution and Toxicology SessionStudent Oral (Competing Papers) Session 3Student Oral (Competing Papers) Session 4
Session ChairWilfred John Santiañez Karen Villarata Badi SamaniegoMargarita de la CruzHazel ArceoRafael Junnar DumalanEphrime Metillo Victor Ticzon
Technical SupportJhundee Mark G. MolinaJesiel Cris PaylangcoRexie MagdugoChennie L. SolaniaJashin J. RosalClark GonzalesJeremie MoraledaRichie Lador
DocumenterThrecita May L. NellasExur M. Buenaflor/ Eve GamalindaMeycel AmarilleFelmer LatayadaLeonard EstanoMarlon V. ElviraLaurence CalaguiJenerose A. Vista


Poster Session; Q&A by Forum setup

(from 13:00 – 17:00)

Session Chair: Allyn Pantallano CCR-P02GEN-P02TFA-P02MPT-P02MRB-P04MRB-P12
Technical Support: Rodny Genon-GEN-P04-NRM-P01MRB-P06MRB-P15
Documenter: Vera GadianoSSF-P01GEN-P06-NRM-P03MRB-P08MRB-P17

JULY 23, 2021

8:50  Synthesis of Day 1

         National Anthem

Maria Celia Malay, Ph.D.

PAMS16, Auditor

         Introduction of Plenary Speaker

Christine Edullantes

PAMS16, VP for Mindanao

 9:00  Plenary Talk

          The MSR Consent Regime in the 

          West Philippine Sea: Another

          Contested Area

Atty. Jay Batongbacal

College of Law, UP Diliman

Plenary Speaker

 9:40  Open Forum

Ms. Christine Edullantes

PAMS16, VP for Mindanao

 9:50  Virtual Group Photo

10:15  Start of Concurrent Session (Day 2)

2:00 - 4:00  Business Meeting


Schedule of paper presentations for Day 2 are shown below. Each paper has been assigned presentation codes. Look for your paper’s presentation code by checking first in the searchable list of papers below. When you already have your presentantation code, check the schedule of your paper under different days.

Parallel Sessions (10:15-11:30)Marine Resources/ Biodiversity Session 7Marine Resources/ Biodiversity Session 8Marine Resources/ Biodiversity Session 9Subsistence and Small-Scale Fisheries Session 3Oceanography Sesson 1Student Oral (Competing Papers) Session 5Student Oral (Competing Papers) Session 6
Session ChairChristine EdullantesGlycenia de Peralta Hildie Maria NacordaCleto NañolaCesar VillanoyNathaniel AñascoDeo Florence Onda
Technical SupportJhundee Mark G. MolinaJesiel Cris PaylangcoRexie MagdugoChennie L. SolaniaJashin J. RosalClark GonzalesJeremie Moraleda
DocumenterThrecita May L. NellasExur M. Buenaflor/ Eve GamalindaMeycel AmarilleFelmer LatayadaLeonard EstanoMarlon V. ElviraLaurence Calagui
11:30-11:45Health Break
Parallel Sessions (11:45-13:00)Marine Resources/ Biodiversity Session 10Marine Resources/ Biodiversity Session 11Marine Resources/ Biodiversity Session 12Subsistence and Small-Scale Fisheries Session 4Use of Technology in Fisheries and Aquaculture Session 1Student Oral (Competing Papers) Session 7Student Oral (Competing Papers) Session 8
Session ChairJonel CorralElizaldy MabolocJon AltamiranoRomeo DizonWilfredo Campos Yasmin Primavera-TirolRuth Gamboa
Technical SupportJhundee Mark G. MolinaJesiel Cris PaylangcoRexie MagdugoChennie L. SolaniaJashin J. RosalClark GonzalesJeremie Moraleda
DocumenterThrecita May L. NellasExur M. Buenaflor/ Eve GamalindaMeycel AmarilleFelmer LatayadaLeonard EstanoMarlon V. ElviraLaurence Calagui


Poster Session; Q&A by Forum setup

(from 13:00 – 17:00)

Session Chair: Allyn Pantallano CCR-P02GEN-P02TFA-P02MPT-P02MRB-P04MRB-P12
Technical Support: Rodny Genon-GEN-P04-NRM-P01MRB-P06MRB-P15
Documenter: Vera GadianoSSF-P01GEN-P06-NRM-P03MRB-P08MRB-P17


 West Philippine Sea
(jointly organized by UPMSI and USAID Fish Right)

      Opening remark:

Nygiel Armada

USAID Fish Right Program

      Message of Support:

John C. Law

Chargé d'Affaires, U.S. Embassy in Manila


Habitat (corals):

Wilfredo Licuanan, PhD
(De La Salle University-Manila)

Habitat (seaweed):
Wilfred John Santiañez, PhD
UP Marine Science Institute

Capture Fisheries:
Hazel Arceo, PhD
University of the Philippines-Cebu

Illegal, Unreported, Unregulated Fishing:
Rollan Geronimo
Marine and Environment Resources Foundation, Inc.


Atty. Analiza Teh
Undersecretary, DENR


John Walsh, PhD
University of Rhode Island

Ben Malayang III, PhD
Silliman University

Ben Malayang III, PhD
Silliman University

      Closing remark:  

Laura David, PhD
Director, UP Marine Science Institute

JULY 24, 2021

8:50  Synthesis of Day 2

Diovanie De Jesus


         Introduction of Plenary Speaker

Jayvee Saco, Ph.D.

PAMS16, VP for Luzon

 9:00  Plenary Talk

Laura T. David, Ph.D.

Marine Science Institute
University of the Philippines Diliman

 9:40  Open Forum

Jayvee Saco, Ph.D.

PAMS16, VP for Luzon

 9:50  Virtual Group Photo



10:15  Start of Concurrent Session (Day 3)

12:00 - 1:00  Closing Program

Conference Synthesis

Jayvee Saco, Ph.D.

PAMS16, VP for Luzon

Announcement of Winners
Virtual Giving of Certificates

Christine Edullantes
PAMS 16 VP for Mindanao

Acknowledgement of Guest and sponsors

Katrina Lacson
Host, CSU

Closing Remarks

Katherine P. Sanchez-Escalona, Ph D
PAMS 16 Treasurer


Schedule of paper presentations for Day 1 are shown below. Each paper has been assigned presentation codes. Look for your paper’s presentation code by checking first in the searchable list of papers below. When you already have your presentantation code, check the schedule of your paper under different days.

Parallel Sessions (10:15-11:45)Marine Resources/ Biodiversity Session 13Gerneral Papers SessionCitizen Science SessionPeople and Nature SessionOceanography Session 2Use of Technology in Fisheries and Aquaculture Session 2Land-Sea Interactions, Microplastic and Marine Debris & Science Education Combined SessionNew Research Methods & Intergrated Ecosystem Studies Combined Session
Session ChairKatherine Sanchez-EscalonaMaria Vanessa Baria-RodriguezRene RollonJessica Dator-BercillaSheila Mae Santander-De Leon Hilly Ann QuiaoitMiguel Enrique AzcunaRene Abesamis
Technical SupportJhundee Mark G. MolinaJesiel Cris PaylangcoRexie MagdugoChennie L. SolaniaJashin J. RosalClark GonzalesJeremie MoraledaRichie Lador
DocumenterThrecita May L. NellasExur M. Buenaflor/ Eve GamalindaMeycel AmarilleFelmer LatayadaLeonard EstanoMarlon V. ElviraLaurence CalaguiJenerose A. Vista

Searchable list of all titles, authors, presenters & assigned presentation codes could be found below. You may type names, words in the title or the presentation code in the search box to find your paper or when looking for other papers of interest.

OCE-SO-04Wyndel Bornillo Sañoza, David Doxaran"Wyndel Bornillo Sañoza" Spatial and Temporal Trends of Water Quality Parameters (concentrations of algal and non-algal suspended particles) in Manila Bay, Philippines, using MODIS satellite data
MRB-50Wilfredo Lopez Campos"Wilfredo Lopez Campos" The Distribution of Sardinella lemuru and the Dynamics of Productivity in Ticao Pass
GPO-05Victor Sanchez Ticzon Victor Sanchez TiczonThe Fringing Coral Reefs and Coral Communities of Panaon Island, Southern Leyte
TFA-03Val Randolf Morales Madrid, Zenith O. Arnejo, Ariel B. Doria, John O-Neil V. Geronimo, Elviro A. Cinco, Lily Ann D. Lando, Manolo F. Costes Jr, Asuncion B. De Guzma"Val Randolf Morales Madrid" Designing and developing DAGAT, a Digital Application to Guide fisheries Analytics and Traceability
TFA-02Tomilyn Jan Seguiro Garpa, Olivier Josh Cayabyab Caasi, Marie Antonette Juinio Meñez"Tomilyn Jan Seguiro Garpa" Microalgae concentrates as alternative diet for larval rearing of Holothuria scabra
TFA-10Tom Gerald T. Genovia; Michael Y. Roleda"Tom Gerald T Genovia" Seaweed nutrient physiology: understanding the effects of nutrient fertilization on growth and biochemistry of Kappaphycus alvarezii
MRB-SO-04Switzel S. Lapara; Annabelle G.C. del Norte-CamposLarapa, SwitzelGonadal Development of the hiant venus, Marcia hiantina (Lamarck 1818) (Mollusca, Bivalvia: Veneridae) from Banate Bay, Iloilo, Eastern Panay, Philippines
MRB-SO-02Swing T. Taborda; Annabelle G.C. del Norte-CamposTaborda, Swing T.Reproductive Biology of the Granular Ark Tegillarca granosa (Linnaeus, 1758) (Mollusca: Arcidae) in Batan, Aklan, Western Visayas
CSC-04Sue Ong1, Lorraine Aplasca1, Gonzalo Araujo1, Carlo Babiera2, Lorenz Gideon Esmero3, Jovencia Ganub4, Maria Villa Inguito4, Jessica Labaja1, Stella Marie Lapiz5, Lucille Yap Lagunay6, Rizza Fernandez Salinas7,9, Candido Samijon8, Sally Snow1, Arnel Andrew Yaptinchay, Sheila Mae Zafra10, Alessandro Ponzo1 Sue Ong Historical data to action planning: a review of 20 years of marine turtle strandings in the Province of Bohol
SSF-06Stefenie Katrin Valencia Siblos, Edison Roi Doga Macusi, Erna S Macusi "Stefenie Katrin Valencia Siblos" The impacts of Covid-19 to Small-scale fishers of Davao Gulf , Mindanao, Philippines
MRB-SO-14Shienna Mae Calimpong Gonzaga "Shienna Mae Calimpong Gonzaga" The black, red, and white spot disease observed in hatchery-cultured Kappaphycus alvarezii in UPMSI-Bolinao Marine Laboratory, Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines
MPT-SO-01Sheila Mae Santander-de Leon1, Sharon N. Nuῆal2, Victor Marco Emmanuel N. Ferriols3, Pearl Aljean S. Santacera1 and Jirah P. Mamigo1"Pearl Aljean Sarabia Santacera" Water and sediment quality assessment of Boracay Island, Philippines
GEN-P02Sheila Mae S. Santander-de Leon1, Sharon N. Nuñal2, Victor Marco Emmanuel N. Ferriols3, Jirah P. Mamigo1, Pearl Aljean S. Santacera1 and Jove Janus R. Obiano1Jirah Pama MamigoBeach sand characteristics in Boracay Island, Philippines
GPO-06Samuel Subang Mamauag, Jethro Carlo QuijanoSamuel Subang MamauagUsing simple bioeconomic model to enhance science-based support in engaging stakeholders in an ecosystem-based fisheries management
GPO-03Ruth Gamboa, Nadia Palomar Abesamis, Christine Marie Florece, Brian Sabanal, Jeanette Mara Tan, Marie Antonette Juinio MeñezRuth GamboaDoes one size fit all? Revising the IUCN Red List process for a national assessment of sea cucumbers
MRB-62Russel Christine Corcino1, Sheldon Rey Boco2, Phuping Sucharitakul2, Christine Grace Capidos3 and Lemnuel V. Aragones1Sheldon Rey BocoPredation by carybdeid cubomedusae (Cnidaria: Cubozoa) in the Philippines using citizen science data
MRB-P11Roxanne Cabebe, Dominique Mediodia, Dianne Frances Alarba Penuela, Ma. Novem Grace Ylayron, Maria Celia MalayRoxanne CabebeIllustrated Checklist of Marine Fishes of Western Visayas, Philippines
MRB-22Roxanne Abuyuan Cabebe"Roxanne Abuyuan Cabebe"Phenotypic discrimination reveals two morphological structures of Psenes cyanophrys from Panay Gulf
MRB-27Rowell Cayanan Alarcon, Maria Retchie Alaba, Jefrey David, Noel Bundal, Angelique Songco, Rowell Cayanan Alarcon"Rowell Cayanan Alarcon" Status of coral recruitment of the two ship grounding sites in Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park
TFA-SO-01Roselyn Noran"Roselyn Noran" Do size, age and experience really matter on the chemosensory ability and decision making of hatchery-reared sandfish Holothuria scabra juveniles?
CCR-03Ronald Decano, Joy Picar, Annabelle NoveroRonald DecanoTime Series Analysis on the Meteorological Factors Impacting Climate Change in Davao Gulf
MRB-07Rona Cabanayan Soy, Glaiza Saballa Ibanez, Marie Antonette Juinio Menez "Rona Cabanayan Soy"Growth and development of Stichopus cf. horrens larvae fed with different microalgal diets
MPT-P03Rodrigo Dejeto, Gerard Louie Marilao, Dave PalenRodrigo DejetoRemoval of cyanobacteria in freshwater: An introduction of porous diatomaceous earth-based earthenware
MRB-41Richelle Opina, Marianie Linggas, Christine Mae Edullantes, Girley Gumanao"Richelle Opina" Species Composition and Size Structure of Empty Giant Clam Shells Along the Intertidal Zone of Talicud Island, Island Garden City Of Samal
MRB-P07Rhoda Mae Cerbo Simora, Cindy Demaala ArmadaRhoda Mae Cerbo Simora Physico-chemical and microbiological profile of flying fish Cheilopogon intermedius as a raw material for processing
SSF-15Rheane Joy Esponilla Senangote, Joel Tamonan Abalayan, Remia Aparri "Rheane Joy Esponilla Senangote" Early Impacts of COVID-19 to Small-scale Fishers of Western Visayas, Philippines
GPO-09Rhea Yray-Frossard, Rocky Guzman, Rose-Liza Eisma-Osorio, Elainne EncilaRhea Yray-FrossardPolicy Paper on Fisheries Management
GEN-P05Reymart S. Dagaraga1, Augustus P. Avillanosa2, Jasper D. Pacho1, Arlene L. Avillanosa1, Rommel V. Valencia1, Bernaldo S. Montaño1, Lorelie A. Limbaga1 and Christopher Marlowe A. Caipang3Reymart Sanchez DagaragaDistribution and abundance of Macrobrachium populations in Palawan
MRB-25Reydante Pasion Gordula, Felix Jr. Benipayo Lampos, Cherry Cambronero Favor "Reydante Pasion Gordula" socio-ecological assessment of slipper lobster (Thenus orientalis, Lund, 1793) fishery in Ragay Gulf
CSC-06Rene Aberin Abesamis, Rodel Balingit, Romulo DeCastro, Raphael Nelo Aguila, Maryjune Cabiguin, Julius VillagarciaRene Aberin AbesamisMPA-FishMApp: A novel citizen science tool for monitoring reef fish density and biomass in marine protected areas
GEN-P07Remjohn Aron Hombre Magtaas, Sophia Jobien Limlingan, Mary Margareth Bauyon, Eliza Enriquez, Jeffrey Munar, Edwin Jr. Dumalagan, Haruka Kusuno, Caroline Marie Jaraula, Fernando Siringan, Hiroyuki Matsuzaki, Angel VII Bautista Remjohn Aron Hombre MagtaasElevated Concentrations and Ratios of radioactive Iodine-129 in the West Philippine Sea
MPT-02Recca Edradan Sajorne "Recca Edradan Sajorne" Plastic litter pollution along sandy beaches in Puerto Princesa, Palawan Island, Philippines
MRB-P16Raven S. Aralan1, Jhondy M. Peligas1, Niel T. Geraldo1, Arniel T. Gultiano1 and Lara Jessa L. Oyong1,2Lara Jessa Oyong Phytochemical Screening of Leaf, Stem, And Pneumatophores of Avicennia Rumphiana H.
CSC-02Raisa Joy G. Castel, Quenie S. Montinola, Roselyn Noran-Baylon, Jon P. AltamiranoQuenie Sepulveda Montinola Citizen science to the rescue amidst COVD-19 pandemic restrictions
GPO-08RAFAEL RAMISCAL, Francisco Torres, KIMA KARLA HABALA CEDO, Nygiel Armada, Alett Nunez, Rollan GeronimoRAFAEL RAMISCALFishery Management Areas: Pivoting Towards a Multi-Sectoral and Science-Based Fisheries Management
MPT-P02Rafael Junnar Parrilla Dumalan, Marie Antonette Juinio-Meñez Rafael Junnar Parrilla DumalanImpact of sandfish (Holothuria scabra) bioturbation on seagrass-dominated and organically enriched sediments
GEN-SO-02Rachel Bagtas Francisco, Charine Lyn Repollo, Cesar VillanoyRachel Bagtas Franciscofield deployment of an automated water quality monitoring system with real-time data transmission and database logging
TFA-P02Racelle Ragrag Rescordado, Janine Limos Villamor, Jonh Rey Llarenas Gacura, Margarita De la Torre De la CruzRacelle Ragrag RescordadoSelecting Suitable Mass Production Site for Sandfish (Holothuria scabra) Juvenile in Eastern Samar, Philippines
OCE-10Philip Louie Malang Mojica, Gemelyn Barrogo, Cesar Villanoy, Caroline Jaraula"Philip Louie Malang Mojica" Enrique Management System: A locally made web-based Wave Glider Management System for the Liquid Robotics Wave Glider
OCE-05Peter Jeffrey Maloles, Charina Repollo, Cesar Villanoy"Peter Jeffrey Maloles" Annual and seasonal variability in chlorophyll-a and sea surface temperature distribution of the Luzon Strait region using MODIS-Aqua data.
GEN-P03Pearlyn Tanate Cambronero, Dominique Ponsaran MediodiaPearlyn Tanate CambroneroAssessment of the major municipal fishing gears in Tigbauan, Iloilo, Philippines
MRB-P15Orlan Getalla Celestial Orlan Getalla CelestialZooplankton composition and distribution in Northern Sulu Sea, Philippines
MRB-SO-05Olivier Josh Cayabyab Caasi, Tomilyn Jan Seguiro Garpa, Marie Antonette Juinio Meñez "Olivier Josh Cayabyab Caasi" Predator conditioning of cultured Holothuria scabra juveniles: role of experience on predator recognition and escape response
CCR-04Noreen Marie G. Follosco, Miledel Christine C. Quibilan, Antonio Samuel Mamauag, Zarena Mercado, Jovelyn Cleofe, Alfredo L. Lazarte Noreen Marie G. FolloscoRevisiting the VA-TURF framework to understand the role of women in reef fisheries resilience
MMD-SO-04Norchel Corcia Francisco Gomez, Deo Florence Llacuna Onda"Norchel Corcia Francisco Gomez" Plastic partial biodegradation potential of sediment microbial communities in coastal environments of Manila Bay, Philippines
MRB-SO-13Niño Jess Mar Florida Mecha, Elmer G. Villanueva, Bernard A. Bonares, Maria Feliza Janet M. Oquendo, Roger G. Dolorosa"Niño Jess Mar Florida Mecha" Initial checklist of marine fauna in Banwa Private Island, Roxas, Palawan, Philippines
MRB-SP-01Nicky Marie Quijano LimpangogNicky Marie Quijano LimpangogDiversity and abundance of benthic mollusks associated with the aeagrass Bed in two Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) located in Barangay Tag-ulo and Barangay Guimputlan, Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines
CCR-05Miledel Christine Carino Quibilan, Noreen Marie Follosco Galpo, Kathleen Silvano, Antonio Samuel Mamauag, Daniella Krezzel Naparate, Frenche Hechanova, Clint Gallaron, Marivel Llavan, Vivien Facunla, Jayson Romero, Marjorie Lucas, Floramae Neri, Hilconida CalumpongMiledel Christine Carino QuibilanLessons and challenges in developing capacities and mainstreaming resilience in ecosystem-based fisheries management in selected coastal municipalities in the Philippines
NRM-01Michael Van P. Panerio1, Jessie G. Gorospe2, Emilie G. Tubio2 and Ruby C. Gonzales2"Michael Van Pandac Panerio" Fluctuating Asymmetry (FA) in Scars and Shell Outline of Mud Clam Geloina erosa (Solander, 1876) in Selected Mangrove Areas of Iligan and Panguil Bay, Philippines, Using Landmark-Based Geometric Morphometric Analysis
MRB-21Michael John Mendiola, Rachel Ravago-Gotanco"Michael John Mendiola"Seascape genomics reveals basin-scale genetic differentiation and signatures of local adaptation in a highly dispersive mud crab Scylla olivacea in the Sulu Sea
CCR-SO-01Maryjune Mallari Cabiguin, Marie Antontte Juinio-MeñezMaryjune Mallari CabiguinPhysiological response of nonindigenous charru mussel Mytella charruana and green mussel Perna sp. to elevated temperature and lowered pH
GEN-P04Mary Margareth Bauyon, Remjohn Aron Magtaas, Sophia Jobien Limlingan, Arvin Jagonoy, Joseph Michael Racho, Jeff Darren Valdez, Arceli Monsada, Beejay Salon, Aldrin Tabuso, John Kenneth Valerio, Edwin Jr. Dumalagan, Keanu Jershon Sarmiento, Haruka Kusuno, Fernando Siringan, Hiroyuki Matsuzaki, Angel VII Bautista Mary Margareth Bauyon129-Iodine in corals from Baler, Aurora and Vinzons, Camarines Norte, Philippines as tracers of radioactive contamination from the Fukushima Accident
CSC-01Mary Joan Pecson, Kymry Delijero, Jomil Rodriguez, Marivel DygicoMary Joan PecsonBroadening participation for effective MPA management through citizen science for reef assessment and monitoring in Cagayancillo, Palawan
MMD-SO-01Mary Dorothy Anne Seno Mary Dorothy Anne SenoMicroplastics in Commercially Important Pelagic Fish In Zamboanga Peninsula, Philippines
MRB-57Marlon Varona Elvira"Marlon Varona Elvira" Structural diversity of marine gastropods and its affinity to the mangrove species in the intertidal mudflats of Banaybanay, Davao Oriental
CSC-SO-01Mark Alfred Merano, Eunice Manila, Lorraine Aplasca, Jamie Dichaves, Mae Lowe Diesmos, Jessica Labaja, Alessandro Ponzo, Rizza Fernandez Salinas, Sally Snow, Arnel Andrew Yaptinchay, Sue OngMark Alfred MeranoThrough the lens of citizen science: An assessment of marine turtle strandings in four provinces in Region 5
SED-02Marivic Pajaro, Paul Watts, Mark Raquino"Marivic Pajaro" TESDA Training Program for Small-scale Fisheries
MRB-30Marion Michael Bacabac, Victor Ticzon, Maria Eleanor Aurellado "Marion Michael Bacabac" Shifts in macroinvertebrate community structure in Apo Reef Natural Park after Typhoon Tisoy and Typhoon Ursula (2019)
CCR-01Marion Michael Bacabac, Jesus Gabriel Fetil, Kent Elson Sorgon, Victor TiczonMarion Michael BacabacMonitoring changes in coral reef habitats in Apo Reef Natural Park, Philippines following a series of severe storm events (Tisoy and Ursula, 2019)
GPO-07Mario Alkuino Cudiamat, Blesshe Lorico QuerijeroMario Alkuino CudiamatTowards Building Sustainability in Locally Managed Marine Protected Area: The Case of Calatagan Mangrove Forest Conservation Park, Batangas
MRB-P09Mariane Joy D Amodia, Laurence Buque Calagui, Shirlamaine Irina Masangcay Calagui, Florence Jhun Farol AlmadinMariane Joy D AmodiaDiversity of brackishwater fishes and its Socio-economic importance in lower Agusan River, Magallanes, Agusan del Norte
MRB-SO-12Maria Lyn M. Magcanta, Wilfredo H. Uy, Lovella R. Calala, Venus E. Leopardas, Danilo B. Largo"Maria Lyn M. Magcanta" Embryology and reproductive capacity of Sargassum oligocystum Montagne, 1845 in Iligan bay
GEN-02Maria Eleanor Aurellado, Victor S. Ticzon, Cleto L. Nañola, Jr., Jerome Benedict P. Cabansag, Marion Michael A. Bacabac, Kent Elson S. Sorgon, Alvin Nowell P. Simon, Vincent V. HilomenMaria Eleanor AurelladoHow well did our NIPAS seascapes improve their reef fish assemblages’ biomass and trophic structure?
SSF-01Margarita de la Torre de la Cruz, Jonh Rey Llarenas Gacura "Margarita de la Torre de la Cruz" The sea cucumber mariculture experience in Maliwaliw Island, Eastern Samar, Philippines: insights, impacts, and lessons learned
CCR-P02Madonna Castillo Daquigan, Romeo Dizon, Roscinto Ian Lumbres Madonna Castillo DaquiganBiomass and Carbon Stock Mapping of the Bued Mangrove Forest in Alaminos, Pangasinan using Geographical Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing
OCE-SO-02Ma. Rica Teresa Briones Dungog, Gianina Cassandra May B Apego, Aletta Yniguez"Ma. Rica Teresa Briones Dungog" Seasonality of zooplankton assemblages in a whale shark (Rhincodon typus) hotspot in the Philippines
MRB-P04Ma. Novem Grace Ylayron1*, Dominique Mediodia1, Carmelo del Castillo2, Soledad Garibay2, Mary Mar Noblezada1 and Ricardo Babaran1Ma. Novem Grace Azuelo YlayronPhylogenetic Analysis and DNA Barcoding of Family Labridae in Panay and Guimaras Islands
MRB-56Ma. Marivic Capitle Pepino, Wilfredo Lopez Campos, Alexanra Bagarinao Regalado, Lucas Ramada Felix"Ma. Marivic Capitle Pepino" Sardines in the Visayan Sea: geographically separate stocks?
MPT-04Ma. Luningning L. Amparado, Leni Gomez Yap-Dejeto, Marietta B. Albina, Jason Ocampo, Stephanie Faith Ravelo"Ma. Luningning L. Amparado" Bloom dynamics of Genus Pseudo-nitzschia (Bacillariophyceae) in Samar
SSF-14MA. ARVE BANEZ"MA. ARVE BANEZ" The precarity of fishing rights of the artisanal compressor fisher- divers of lampirong (Placuna placenta) of Oton, Iloilo
SSF-13Lylve Maliz Lima Zeller, Louie Marie Tabuena Eluriaga"Lylve Maliz Lima Zeller" Income diversification among small-scale fishing households in Guimaras
MRB-SO-15Lucas Ramada Felix, Wilfredo Lopez Campos, Alexanra Bagarinao Regalado, Ryan Dexter Reyes Piloton, Ma Marivic C Pepino "Lucas Ramada Felix" Insights from the catches of fine mesh nets in Northern Iloilo
MRB-11Lourie Ann Ranan Hinaloc, Bienson Ceasar de Vera Narvarte, Tom Gerald Taer Genovia, Shienna Mae Calimpong Gonzaga, April Mae Tiwana Tabonda, Michael Yu Roleda"Lourie Ann Ranan Hinaloc" Physiological and biochemical assessment of ten new wild strains of Kappaphycus alvarezii (Gigartinales, Florideophyceae)
SSF-12Louie Marie Tabuena Eluriaga, Lylve Maliz Lima Zeller "Louie Marie Tabuena Eluriaga" Factors affecting attitude toward risk: The case of small-scale fishers in Guimaras
CSC-03Lorraine Aplasca, Jonathan Anderson, Gonzalo Araujo, Corri Clarke, Aoibheann Gillespie-Mules, Emily Hallam, Jessica Labaja, Mary Jane Lamoste, Christine Legaspi, Sue Ong, Sally Snow, Jaki Teo, Arnel Andrew Yaptinchay, Alessandro Ponzo Lorraine AplascaThe National Turtle Catalogue: Using in-water research and citizen science to establish baseline data on foraging marine turtles
MRB-59Lora Allones Burgos, Kreighton Cadorna, Arturo Lluisma, Alleta Yñiguez "Lora Allones Burgos" Taxonomic characterization of phytoplankton assemblages in Bolinao, Pangasinan using light microscopy and long-read metabarcoding
MRB-P01Linell Miken Palamos Severino"Linell Miken Palamos Severino" Spatio-Temporal Distribution and Abundance of Phytoplankton and HAB Species in Maqueda Bay
MPT-P01Levin John B. Oropesa, Christiamae Barra, and Ronnie LabroLevin Bellen OropesaCytotoxicity and Genotoxicity Evaluation of Surface Water Using Allium Cepa Assay from Bicol River, Camarines Sur, Philippines
MPT-03Leonel Patoc Lumogdang"Leonel Patoc Lumogdang" Effects of Unburnt Coal Accumulation in the Gills and Gut Of Juvenile Siganus guttatus
SED-01Leilani Solera, Cesar Villanoy, PMOO Program Development Team"Leilani Solera" Laying the groundwork for the practice of operational oceanography in the Philippines
MRB-40Leah Joyce Gajutos, Ravelina Velasco, Lexter Natividad"Leah Joyce Gajutos" Quantification of Total Phenolic Content and Antioxidant Activity in Padina Australis from the Coastal Area of UEP, Catarman, Northern Samar
PNA-02Lea Janine Abrera Gajardo, Lota Alcantara Creencia, Recca Sajorne, Joel SumeldanLea Janine Abrera GajardoIntegrating local knowledge in understanding cultural services of coastal marine ecosystem in Palawan, Philippines
MRB-18Lea A. Jimenez, Roselyn Valles Regino, Amy Guanco Ponce, Chella May Sison, Rheacin Argallon Polestico, Emily Antonio "Lea A. Jimenez" Growth patterns of Anadara antiquata and Modiolus philippinarum in Mariculture Park, Pujada Bay, City of Mati
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MRB-20Lea A. Jimenez, Emily Antonio, Jefferson Centro, Cirilo Ybanez, Juvair Labodon"Lea A. Jimenez"Seagrass Resources in Pujada and Mayo Bays, City of Mati, Philippines
MMD-SP-04Laurence Castro Insigne, Ulrica Loisse Dumaguit Salivio, Janella BuenaventeLaurence Castro InsignePreliminary study on Microplastics in Bivalves Perna viridis, Crassostrea iredelai, and Venerupis philippinarum Harvested from Bacoor Bay, City of Bacoor, Cavite.
MRB-04Laureana TALADTAD Nepomuceno, Rhoda Servidad Bacordo, Darlyn Grace Yleana Camu, Rafael Valiente Ramiscal "Laureana TALADTAD Nepomuceno" Abundance and distribution of the larvae of Family Carangidae in the Philippine waters
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MPT-SP-01Kyle Dominic Eguid Barnuevo, Victor Marco Emmanuel Ferriols, Dominique Mediodia, Sheila Mae Santander-de LeonKyle Dominic Eguid BarnuevoBioturbation effects of Telescope snail (Telescopium telescopium) on physico-chemical conditions of sediments
MRB-17Kyle Dominic Eguid Barnuevo, Karl Andre Oguimas Ortiz, Dominique Ponsaran Mediodia, Ruby Presas Napata, Gerald Fontalera Quinitio, November Albornoz Romena, Sanny David Pacheco Lumayno"Kyle Dominic Eguid Barnuevo" Local knowledge and perceptions on the protection and distribution of the endangered Napoleon Wrasse (Cheilinus undulatus) in Western Visayas, Philippines
MRB-P08Kristine Joy Santiago Gumanao, Girley Santiago GumanaoKristine Joy Santiago GumanaoMorphometric and Meristic Analysis of Intersexually Different Parrotfish, Scarus dimidiatus
OCE-09Kristine Bantay, Cesar Villanoy, Charina Lyn Amedo Repollo, Caroline Marie Jaraula"Kristine Bantay" Observing the Internal Waves Passing By Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park Using Remotely Sensed Images
OCE-07Kristina S.A. Cordero-Bailey, Aldwin T. Almo, Laura T. David, Aletta T. Yniguez"Kristina S.A. Cordero-Bailey" Estimation of the vertical phytoplankton distribution in the Philippine Sea
MRB-12Kris Angeli S. Sanchez; Annabelle del Norte-CamposSanchez, Kris AngeliSome aspects of the reproductive biology of swordtip squid Uroteuthis edulis (Hoyle, 1885) from the southwest Visayan Sea, West Central, Philippines
MRB-52Kim Padilla Nuñez, Wilfredo Lopez Campos, Alexanra Arcayan Bagarinao-Regalado, Antonio Mendoza, Plutomeo Nieves, Jesus Racuyal, Roan Jay Lovendino, Joshua Karl Bista, Francisco Pasucal, Regie Jabon "Kim Padilla Nuñez" Estimating annual sardine catch in Fisheries Management Area (FMA) 7
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CCR-SO-03Kathrina Cuanan Lacson, Romell Seronay Kathrina Cuanan LacsonCarbon Stock Assessment of the Mangrove Ecosystem in Bislig Bay, Philippines
GEN-SO-01Kathlyn Joy Daperoc Lumayag, Mary Dorothy Anne Yubuco Seno, Maria Lourdes Dorothy Garcia Lacuna Kathlyn Joy Daperoc LumayagUsing Benthic Foraminifera in Seagrass Beds as Bioindicator for Potential Anthropogenic Pollution in Barangay Pikinit and Barangay Pikalawag, Sultan Naga Dimaporo, Lanao del Norte, Philippines
SSF-19Katherine P. Sanchez-EscalonaKatherine P. Sanchez-EscalonaAspects of fishery of Stombus luhuanus in Mansalay Bay, Oriental Mindoro
GPO-02Karen Gabalez Madarcos Karen Gabalez MadarcosDoing marine zoning in low-income coastal marine tropics: Palawan’s Environmental Critical Areas Network (ECAN)
SSF-11Karen Agnes Villarta, Annabelle del Norte-Campos, Lorelie Burgos"Karen Agnes Villarta" Reassessing the Gleaning Fishery in Malalison Island off the coast of Antique, West Central
MRB-36Kaent Immanuel Uba, Harold Monteclaro"Kaent Immanuel Uba" Habitat characteristics of the horse mussel Modiolus modulaides (Röding 1798) in Iloilo, Philippines
MMD-SO-03Justine Marey Senomio Bitalac, Deo Florence L. Onda"Justine Marey Senomio Bitalac" Isolation and characterization of plastic-degrading bacteria from plastics-enriched marine environments in Manila Bay, Philippines
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GEN-04Junard Avelino Catabay, Loinda Rugay Baldrias, Blesshe Querijero, Vachel Gay Velasco Paller Junard Avelino CatabayPhilometrid nematode infecting the ovaries of Japanese threadfin bream Nemipterus japonicus (Bloch, 1791): prevalence, intensity, and effect on reproductive potential
SSF-16Julius Taytay Ortega"Julius Taytay Ortega" Notes on the sea turtle stranding and nesting activity in Roxas, Oriental Mindoro
MRB-SO-06Julie Clarice Rubite Salva, Marie Antonette Juinio Meñez"Julie Clarice Rubite Salva" Growth performance and sheltering behavior of the juvenile sea cucumber Stichopus cf. horrens at different stocking densities
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TFA-06Jon P Altamirano, Jesus Rodriguez, Jr., Roselyn Noran-Baylon"Jon P Altamirano" Practical hatchery enhancements for improved operations and seed production for developing countries: The case of SEAFDEC/AQD small-scale sea cucumber hatchery
MPT-01Jomar De Vera Parana, Marra Canilang, Cyndrell Apostol, Ericson Bumacod, Lemark Bautista, Jomark De Vera Parana "Jomar De Vera Parana" Meiofaunal Density and Diversity in Baquioen Bay, Sual, Pangasinan
MRB-SO-11John Whalen"John Whalen" Decadal changes in reef fish diversity in the Central Visayas
PNA-04John Roderick Villaverde Madarcos"John Roderick Villaverde Madarcos" Understanding exposure and interaction of coastal communities with the marine environment on Palawan, Philippines
MRB-35John Marlan Rosite Mortos, Anabelle Dece Angeles Espadero, Wilfredo Hojilla Uy"John Marlan Rosite Mortos" Predatory effects of fiddler crab Uca sp. and sea slug Stylocheilus sp. to sandfish Holothuria scabra juveniles
SSF-04John Kenny Anor Rafon, Edison Roi Duga Macusi, Erna S Macusi "John Kenny Anor Rafon" Impact of COVID-19 and closed fishing season policy to commercial fishers of Davao Gulf, Mindanao
TFA-SO-03Joey Pueblo Cabasan, Nathaniel Miller, Hazel Arceo, Maria Vanessa Baria-Rodriguez"Joey Pueblo Cabasan" Ontogenetic habitat shift of leopard coral grouper, Plectropomus leopardus, in the Philippines using otolith microchemistry
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GPO-04Jeff Dalton Pareja Ramirez, Romell SeronayJeff Dalton Pareja RamirezCoral Reef Conditions and Management Effectiveness of the Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in Lianga, Surigao Del Sur
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MRB-03Jayvee Ablana Saco, Najeen Arabelle M. Rula, Miguel Enrique Ma. A. Azcuna, Jovy Ann Patchicoy Valera, Jonel M. Corral, Enriquo Martin C. Velasquez, Khay Ann J. Ramos, Alecs L. Persia"Jayvee Ablana Saco" Marine biodiversity assessment in selected areas along the Verde Island Passage
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MRB-06Jason Gorduiz Tuang-tuang, Senona A Cesar, Humberto Jr R Montes"Jason Gorduiz Tuang-tuang" Quantitative Coral Reef Assessment in the Marine Protected Areas of San Francisco (Pacijan Island), Camotes, Cebu, Philippines: Integral Output Conservation and Protection Effectiveness
MRB-P02Jason Gorduiz Tuang-tuangJason Gorduiz Tuang-tuangCommunity Structure and Species Composition of Seagrasses in Tinabilan, Palompon, Northwest Leyte, Philippines
TFA-04Janine Limos Villamor, Margarita de la Torre de la Cruz, Jonh Rey Llarenas Gacura, Racelle Ragrag Rescordado"Janine Limos Villamor" Comparison of Sandfish (H.scabra) Product Quality and Recovery using Different Processing Techniques
MRB-31Janine Limos Villamor, Margarita de la Torre de la Cruz, Jonh Rey Llarenas Gacura "Janine Limos Villamor" Biophysical Determinants of Growth and Survival of Sandfish (H.scabra) in Sea Pens
MRB-13Janine C. Dimzon, Jerome Jack O. Napala, Ryan P. Tomol2, Daniel Pantoja, Nova M. Almine, Jason C. Tuang-tuang, Dewoowoogen P. BaclayonJerome NapalaCrown of Thorns Starfish (COTS) outbreaks in Sogod Bay, Southern Leyte Philippines
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MRB-SO-07Jamaicca Mae Eroy Taboy"Jamaicca Mae Eroy Taboy" Benthic mollusks associated with Seagrass Beds in Danao Bay, Northen Mindanao, Philippines
MRB-44Irvin Baltazar Rondolo, Andrew Torres, Rachel Ravago-Gotanco"Irvin Baltazar Rondolo" Limited gene flow and varying levels of clonality among populations of the stony coral Pocillopora acuta in the Verde Island Passage
MRB-01Iris Ann Gorriceta Borlongan"Iris Ann Gorriceta Borlongan" The effects of irradiance, temperature, and desiccation on the photosynthesis of a brown alga, Sargassum muticum (Fucales), from a native distributional range in Japan
MRB-23Inggat Laya Casilagan, Ma. Athena Dilan, Rachel Ravago-Gotanco"Inggat Laya Casilagan" Species identification of commercially-harvested scallops from the Visayan Sea: Morphometric and molecular approaches
TFA-08Humberto R. Montes Jr., Julissah C. Evangelio, Jayzon G. Bitacura, Gesel A. Resma, Reina J. Baroto "Humberto R. Montes Jr." Culture of the Brown Seaweed Sargassum polycystum C. Agardh in Maitum, Baybay City Leyte
PNA-05Hazel O. Arceo, Lorenz Gideon F. Esmero, Christian Bernard Serino"Hazel O. Arceo" Estimating the Carrying Capacity of Selected Marine Protected Areas (MPA)in Cebu: How much can one MPA take?
IES-P01Grace GuanzonGrace GuanzonCatch per Unit Effort (CPUE) of various fishing gears in Davao Gulf
MRB-54Glycinea Macatol de Peralta, April Joy Villaflor, Angelica Ibus, Benjie Apolinario, Princess Jane Cansejo, Maybelle Fortaleza, Cleto Nañola"Glycinea Macatol de Peralta" Length-Weight Relationships of Fifty Commercially-Important Reef Fishes in Santa Ana, Cagayan
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MRB-63Girley Gumanao1, Christine Mae Edullantes1, Rezelle Sobradil 1 and Xavier N. Lopez1Girley GumanaoMass Spawning of Restocked Tridacna gigas in Samal Island, Philippines
MRB-SO-01Giniel Mae Fernando Tiongson"Giniel Mae Fernando Tiongson" Effect of substrate type on the shelter use and activity of Dragonfish sea cucumber (Stichopus cf. horrens) juveniles in grow-out pens
MRB-46Gilbert Oclarit Recosana, Art Russel Reoma Flandez, Humberto Ramos Montes, Jr. "Gilbert Oclarit Recosana" Diversity and functional entities of reef fishes inside and outside selected marine protected areas in Camotes Sea
MRB-29Gerlie Tropico Gedoria, Gerlie Tropico Gedoria, Segundo M. Conales Jr, Maria Retchie M. Pagliawan, Angelique M. Songco "Gerlie Tropico Gedoria" Status of the fish community in the USS Guardian grounding site in the Tubbataha Reefs
MMD-P01Frank Torres Acot, Hernando Pactao Bacosa Frank Torres AcotThe underlying truth behind the macro- and microplastics invasion in Sarangani Bay
MRB-37Florence Chan Evacitas"Florence Chan Evacitas" Isotopic niches distinguish functional roles and stocks of Siganus guttatus, Lutjanus fulviflamma, and Scarus flavipectoralis off Cebu, Philippines
OCE-SO-05Fiona Samantha Ajoc, Charina Lyn Amedo-Repollo, Cesar Villanoy"Fiona Samantha Ajoc" Tides in the Sulu Archipelago: Bongao and Jolo
MRB-32Felimon P. Brazas Jr1,2 and Ronaldo D. Lagat 2Felimon P. Brazas JrDiversity, distribution and habitat association of seagrass in Calatagan, Batangas, Philippines
NRM-03Eunice Lois De Quiros Gianan, Severino III Garengo Salmo, Aletta Tiangco YñiguezEunice Lois De Quiros Gianan Individual-based modeling of effects of varying salinity and inundation to the structural complexity of mangrove stands in the Philippines
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LSI-01Emily Sucaldito Antonio, John Glen Seniel, Analou Dedal, Jefferson Centro, Lea Jimenez Emily Sucaldito AntonioHydrobiological Monitoring of Freshwater Tributaries in Pujada and Mayo Bays
SSF-17Elsie Y. Guibone1,2, Mailen Mae B. Yadao1, Leonardo C. Gresos1, Roland D. Urate1, Regal R. Izon1, Katherine P. Sanchez-Escalona3, Fritz Dustin M. Fiedalan2 and Abelle F. Balagtas2 "Fritz Dustin Mazo Fiedalan" Fish catch composition and volume in the municipality of Bongabong, Oriental Mindoro
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MRB-P14Edda Brenda S. Yerro1, Anthony S. Ilano 2, Relicardo M. Coloso1, Prency D. Yerro3Edda Brenda Somes YerroEpiphytic macroalgae on the roots of selected mangrove species in Iloilo River, Iloilo City, Philippines
OCE-SO-03Earl Kevin Tero Cooper"Earl Kevin Tero Cooper" DNA Barcoding of Bacterial Isolates Found in the Epithelial Surface of Scribbled Pipefish, Corythoichthys intestinalis and Its Implication to Conservation
NRM-02Diego Arechaga, Ander Argote, Dani Bueno, Medel Silvosa, Jeffrey Munar, Roland Olavides, Klaus Stiefel "Diego Arechaga" Detailed Side-Scan Bathymetry of Monad Shoal, Cebu Province
OCE-06Dhon Xean San Miguel Bobis "Dhon Xean San Miguel Bobis" Variability of Kuroshio Intrusion Using Altimetry Data From 1993 to 2020
MRB-SO-09Deo Angelo Macahig, Monal Lal, Josephine Dianne Deauna, Cesar Villanoy, Marie Antonette Juinio-Meñez, Rachel Ravago-Gotanco"Deo Angelo Macahig" Population genomics and biophysical modelling reveal spatial patterns of genetic connectivity among sandfish Holothuria (Metriatyla) scabra populations along the western Luzon coast
CSC-P01Darryl Anthony Maglalang Valino, Erina Pauline Molina, Miledel Christine C Quibilan Darryl Anthony Maglalang ValinoThe Philippine Coral Bleaching Watch Database: Merging citizen-based and published reports on coral bleaching to inform coral reef conservation and management
CSC-05Daniel Ocampo, Jessie Floren, Diovanie De Jesus, Marlito Guidote Daniel Ocampo Karagatan Patrol: using nighttime satellite images and an innovative platform for reporting illegal fishing activities in the Philippines
MPT-SO-02Daniel John Purganan, Deo Florence Onda"Daniel John Purganan" Microbial community succession and biofilm formation on floating marine plastic debris
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IES-01Cyril Tom RanaraCyril Tom RanaraInfestation of ectoparasites in marine fishes off Davao Gulf
OCE-SO-01Cristy Sales Acabado, Yu-Hsin Cheng, Ming-Huei Chang, Chung-Chi Chen"Cristy Sales Acabado" Kelvin-Helmholtz billow-induced turbulence determines vertical nitrate flux on pelagic ecosystems in the Kuroshio
SSF-P02Cristina Bayon Dagansina, Chella May Sison, Emily AntonioCristina Bayon DagansinaEvaluation of Parasites: The Ins and Outs of Milkfish and Rabbitfish cultured in a Mariculture Park
MRB-05Cristan Joy Modesto Campo, Nonita Sur Cabacaba, Ed-Marie B Boiser"Cristan Joy Modesto Campo" Assessment of the Spiny Lobster (Panulirus spp.) Fishery in Eastern Visayas, Philippines
GEN-P01Creencia, Glenn BryanCreencia, Glenn BryanTransplantation of seagrass (Enhalus acoroides) to the coastal areas of Ternate, Cavite
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SSF-02Cirilo Ybanez, Amy Ponce, Chella Mae Sison, Rheacin Polestico, Emily Sucaldito Antonio"Cirilo Ybanez" Cultivation of seaweeds Kappaphycus alvarezii and Eucheuma denticulatum in Mariculture Park of Pujada Bay, Davao Oriental
MRB-P06Cindy Demaala Armada, Rhoda Mae Cerbo SimoraCindy Demaala ArmadaCharacterization and functional properties of an extracellular protease isolated from the gut of rabbitfish Siganus guttatus
NRM-P02Christopher Marlowe Caipang Christopher Marlowe CaipangScreening of probiotic candidates from brackishwater supplemented with carbon sources having C:N ratio
MRB-P17Christine Gloria Grace Capidos1, Sheldon Rey Boco2, John Paul Geraldino1, Andre Carrara Morandini3Sheldon Rey BocoAn overlooked remarkable large jellyfish: a systematic quantitative literature review of jellyfish under Family Lobonematidae (Scyphozoa: Rhizostomeae)
CCR-02Christine C. Baran, Rhea Mae Luciano, Christine Segumalian, Darryl Valino, Maria Vanessa Baria-RodriguezChristine C. BaranSusceptibility of soft corals to bleaching
PNA-01Cherry Pilapil Añasco, Joy C. Lizada, Harold M. Monteclaro, Caridad JimenezCherry Pilapil Añasco MEASURING THE SUSTAINABILITY OF COASTAL AND FISHERIES TOURISM:
SSF-05Chency Grace Olong Liguez, Arianne Kay Olong Liguez, Erna S Macusi, Edison Roi Doga Macusi "Chency Grace Olong Liguez" Motivation of fishers to exit the fisheries in Davao Gulf, Mindanao, Philippines
SSF-P01Chella May Ruiz Sison, Stephannie Cadayona, Emily Antonio Chella May Ruiz SisonEvaluation of Milkfish Daily Growth Increment by Otolith Analysis
OCE-04Charina Lyn Amedo Repollo"Charina Lyn Amedo Repollo" Surface Geostrophic Circulation within and around the Philippines derived from Satellite Altimeter data
CCR-P01Brisneve Edullantes, Aiza Cortes, Aletta YñiguezBrisneve EdullantesMarine Heatwaves in the Philippines: Implications and Research Opportunities
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MRB-P10Arturo Obeña Lluisma; Marc Jeremie D. PunzalanMarc Jeremie D. PunzalanGenomic and proteomic analysis of the agarase-producing marine bacterium Vibrio sp. A37 isolated from Bolinao, Pangasinan.
GEN-03Arlene Siosan Escañan, Hernando Pactao BacosaArlene Siosan EscañanMonitoring the prevalence and transport of riverine plastics in Pulot River, Sofronio Española Palawan Philippines
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MRB-58Archie Auditor Along"Archie Auditor Along" Structural features and diversity of mangrove habitats in the coastal areas of Banaybanay, Davao Oriental, Philippines: A basis for conservation approaches to the impact of mining development
GEN-06Antonino B. Mendoza, Plutomeo M. NievesAntonino B. MendozaEffect of COVID 19 on the total production of Sardines in Bulan, Sorsogon: a simple ex ante and ex post economic analysis
MRB-SP-02ANSELMO GRANADEROS ANOBONG ANSELMO GRANADEROS ANOBONGRecruitment of Dascyllus aruanus and Dascyllus melanurus in Pocillopora in Samal Island, Philippines.
NRM-P03Annie Louise Piñaloza, Jumari Fernandez, Arnold Gaje, Gerard Dumancas, Ricardo Babaran Annie Louise PiñalozaOtolith shape analysis as a tool for stock discrimination of yellowfin tuna in the Philippines
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OCE-02Ann Elizabeth P Rollon, Cesar L Villanoy "Ann Elizabeth P Rollon" Tidal Model & Analysis of Manila Bay and its Implications to Pollutant Discharges
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MRB-P12Abegail P. Bonhayag1, Leslie Marie S. Aplan1, Paul K. Lamangin1,
Jerome T. Javar1 and Alieza O. Del Socorro1
Alieza Del SocorroRole of TDS and Depth on the Distribution of Phytoplankton Community in Sogod Bay, Southern Leyte
GEN-011Jush Kolleen S. Collado, 1Ma. Elaine E. Daygo, 1Ella Chriscel P. Sison, 1Sheila Mae P. Valledor, and 2Leonardo A. Estaño*LEONARDO AZOTE ESTAÑOInfection of Anisakid worm in Sardines Fish (Sardinella spp.) from Selected Fishing Ground in Caraga Region, Philippines
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